Thursday, July 21, 2011

Benefits of Chiropractic

• lncreases circulation
• lncreases removal of lactic acid
• lncreases delivery of oxygen and nutrients
• lncreases flexibility
• lncreases training effectiveness
• Reduces soreness & pain
• Reduces adhesions
• Reduces recovery time
• Reduces muscle spasms
• Reduces chance of injury
• Helps the body to relax, repair and prepare for the next athletic event.
• Better athletic performance
• Faster, more complete recovery from injuries
• Better nervous system function - which controls every aspect of your body
• Better immune system function - fight off disease naturally
• Healthier moms - easier pregnancy and delivery
• Healthier babies - less in-utero constraint and subsequent scoliosis
• Healthier kids - less ear infections, asthma, bed-wetting, etc.
• Healthier adults - more energy and productivity
• Healthier seniors - better balance, less likelihood of falling that often causes hip fracture
• Overall natural vitality

The beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustment of the spine were demonstrated in a recent study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Twenty consecutive patients from each of 87 Swedish chiropractor's offices (1,504 total patients) completed questionnaires within two weeks of previous treatment. The questionnaires documented numerous reported improvements in non-musculoskeletal symptoms, including:

• Easier to breathe (98 patients),
• Improved digestive function (92 patients),
• Clearer/better/sharper vision (49 patients),
• Improved circulation (34 patients),
• Less ringing in the ears (10 patients),
• Acne/eczema better (8 patients),
• Dysmennorhea (painful menstruation) better (7 patients), and
• Asthma/allergies improved (6 patients).

To write out all the possible benefits of Chiropractic would literally fill a book. Most people think of Chiropractors as back doctors who treat mostly back pain. Although we do treat a great deal of back pain, that is just a very small part of what we do.

Chiropractors may vary in their approach, techniques and philosophy, however our main priority is to reduce the amount of pressure on the nervous system. Thus allowing the nervous system and the body as a whole to operate at its maximum ability.

For the patients that come to our clinic with pain or a specific condition, the benefit they see is how affective Chiropractic care is in the relief of their symptoms. Many patients come to a Chiropractic Clinic only after they have tried numerous other forms of healthcare. Which may include painkillers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants. Although these things may have their place they should only be used as a last resort after Chiropractic care has been given a chance.

True Chiropractic care begins once the patient is without any symptoms. Then we can start on HEALTH CARE, not just symptom relief care. True HEALTH CARE takes into consideration your nervous system working at 100% or as close as we can get it. It is the proper use of diet, exercise, supplementation and rest. Leave any part of these out and you will have less than ideal health.

The benefit most of our patients see is that with regular Chiropractic care they get sick much less, both for themselves and their family. That is why we like to treat the whole family, to get them well and keep them well. With regular care they don’t need to see their regular MD as much because they are healthier overall. Most enjoy a pain free life with more energy and an improved immune system.

Your body and especially your spine are subject to numerous traumas throughout the day. The way you sit, stand, sleep or exercise all affect your spine. Then small things like lifting wrong, working too much, and stress all have impacts on your spine know as micro-traumas. We are also subject to macro-traumas such as car accidents, sports injuries or bad falls. All of these may result in misalignments in your spine, which put pressure on your nervous system.

The benefit of regular care is that we are constantly realigning your spine to keep the pressure off your nervous system. This allows your body to function at its maximum capacity. Why would you want anything less? Once you understand how important this is, regular care makes perfect sense.


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